Flavors & Fillings:​

Classic Flavors:​

French Vanilla - Rich vanilla flavored cake filled with your choice of fillings: Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Cherry, Fudge, Lemon, Mocha buttercream, Red Raspberry or Strawberry

Wedding White Cake - Light, moist cake filled with your choice of fillings:  Apple Cinnamon, Blackberry, Blueberry, Buttercream, Cherry, Chocolate Chip, Lemon Buttercream, Pineapple, Red Raspberry or Strawberry

Yellow - Moist yellow cake tastes great with most filling - especially chocolate or white buttercream!

Yellow Marble - Traditional yellow and chocolate cake marbled together for a delicious dessert.  Add your choice of filling: Almond Buttercream, Cherry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Fudge, M&M, Strawberry or Red Raspberry.

White Marble - Can't decide between white or chocolate cake?  Have Both!  Moist white and chocolate cake marbled together and filled with your choice of fillings: Buttercream, Cherry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Fudge or M&M. 

Fruit Flavors:

Orange Dreamsickle - A slice of summer!  Refreshing orange cake with buttercream filling make the perfect pair to cool your day!

Coconut Cake  -  A southern favorite!  Moist coconut cake filled with your choice of:  fudge, coconut buttercream, or chocolate coconut buttercream

Strawberry Cake - Light strawberry flavored cake filled with your choice of: strawberry cream, chocolate or amaretto

Lemon Cake - tangy lemon cake filled with your choice of:  Lemon pudding, Lemon Buttercream, Blueberry, Red Raspberry or Strawberry 

Chocolate Flavors:

Chocolate Cake - Moist chocolate cake pairs beautifully with the following fillings: Cherry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Coconut, Fudge, M&M, Mint Chip or Red Raspberry

Chocolate​ Chocolate Chip Cake - Enjoy a double shot of chocolate.  Chocolate chip filled chocolate cake with chocolate chip buttercream filling....yum!

Chocolate Coffee Cake - Coffee infused chocolate cake filled with coffee buttercream filling.  Kick it up a notch by adding a layer of chocolate toffee bits to the filling

German Chocolate Cake -   Classic mild, moist German Chocolate cake filled with coconut pecan filling.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake - What a delicious combination!  Moist devil's food chocolate cake infused with red raspberry juice and filled with red raspberry filling.

Fun Flavors:

Oreo Cake - Everyone's favorite cookie now in cake form!  Oreo cake filled with crunchy Oreo buttercream...you're going to want left-overs of this one!

Peanut Butter Lovers Cake - Moist peanut butter cake with creamy peanut butter buttercream filling... a little slice of heaven!

Reese Cup Explosion - What's better than America's favorite candy?  Adding it to cake, of course!  Peanut butter & chocolate cake marbled together with creamy peanut butter filling topped with a layer of crushed Reese Cups!

Seasonal Flavors: Available August - December

​​Carrot Cake - Carrots, raisins, cinnamon and walnuts all combine for an incredibly moist, rich cake.  Buttercream filling compliments this cake perfectly. **** HAS NUTS****

Pumpkin Pie Cake - if you love pumpkin pie, this cake is for you!  Moist, dense pumpkin cake filled with buttercream filling.  Plan on eating two slices. 

Butter Brickle Cake - Loaded with butterscotch and toffee flavor, this cake is a one of a kind.  Paired with brown sugar buttercream filling makes this cake irresistible! 

Apple Cinnamon Spice Cake - Nothing says fall quite like moist spice cake filled with apple cinnamon filling...delicious!